Crisis Services

Crisis Interventions include; crisis phone calls and outreach (in home crisis intervention) if necessary.  All calls and outreach  services are provided by a trained clinical crisis worker.  If an outreach is necessary a crisis team will be deployed to the home that consists of a clinical worker (CSW or higher) and a social service worker (SSW).   Our crisis workers are trained in all types of crisis interventions (deescalation, support, coping, and future planning) that assist in assessing well being and safety.

*Crisis Services are available to all adults and children that are currently receiving services through Hopeful Beginnings, have Optum Medicaid, and live in Salt Lake County. Crisis Services are available for all children (under 18 years old) that have Optum Medicaid and live in Salt Lake County.

Crisis phone number 801-216-3193

Crisis hours: Monday - Sunday from 6:00am -  11:00pm