Additional Services


Mental Health Assessment

Psychiatric Assessment

Bonding/Attachment Assessment


Family Resource Facilitator

Hopeful Beginnings is a host agency for Family Resource Facilitators. The Family Resource Facilitator is trained and supervised by Hopeful Beginnings as well as NAMI. The staff receives ongoing training and supervision. The Family Resource Facilitator is an advocate for the families they serve to link them with other community resources that can meet their needs long term. The individuals best served by a Family Resource Facilitator are children and families with children who are in crisis. The FRF will initiate a plan to get the family out of crisis and into recovery.


Certified Peer Specialists

Certified Peer Specialists are individuals who have a history of mental health treatment and are in recovery. They are able to use their own experiences and knowledge of resources to guide and support others during their journey to recovery. The Peer Specialists are Certified through Utah Department of Human Services and receive ongoing supervision and training. They are understanding and able to help individuals through difficult times.


Community Closet

Hopeful Beginnings offers assistance to the entire community by providing basic needs such as clothing, hygiene items and basic household items. Our Community Closet is stocked by donations from the community as well as funding from Hopeful Beginnings. The community Closet Organizer, Judy James, makes appointments with those in need and helps them find what they are looking for. This is a service Hopeful Beginnings is very proud of because it goes hand in hand with our desire to provide hope to all members of our community. If you or someone you know could benefit from this service please contact Judy James: 801-706-0769

Independent Living - Coming Soon

Independent living is a curriculum taught to adolescents as they prepare to become independent. Some of the topics covered are preparing a resume, interviewing for a job, successfully holding a job, budgeting, meal preparation, organization and home maintenance. This group is designed for youth 14-20 years old.


Support Groups

Emotional Intelligence

Hopeful Beginnings offers an interactive group titled: Emotional Intelligence. The group is intended for families where poor communication causes increased conflict and contributes to mental health concerns. The group is facilitated in a manner where youth participate in a group where material is taught so it is well received by that age group. The parents/adults participate in a separate group where the material is taught to target that population. The groups are help at the same time and each week, each group is taught the same principles on the same day. This creates a learning environment where youth and parents can integrate what they have learned and practice it together in the home. EQ is a very interactive and entertaining curriculum. There are 2 professionals present in each group. The professionals have been successful in creating an open and safe environment where participants are comfortable sharing their experiences and being heard by the other members. This group is offered 1-2 times a year dependent on interest and need. Emotional Intelligence is held weekly for an 8-10 week period. Length is dependent on the needs of the specific group members.

Peer Support

Hopeful Beginnings offers a support group run by peers rather than professionals. Our Certified Peer Specialists run the Support Group and provide a safe and inviting atmosphere for those who need to talk openly and seek an environment without professional interventions. The group often works on projects and has refreshments. Have kids? We offer free child care during the time of the group. The group facilitators have personal understanding of issues that face many individuals in the community. The group is held weekly on Thursday evening from 6:00-8:00pm. For more information contact Jackie Lister: 801-979-1351 Ext 730